Certain entities require their annual financial statements to receive external scrutiny either statutorily, constitutionally or voluntarily. As registered auditors, we are qualified to undertake these assignments and do so in an efficient and effective manner, minimising disruption to your business.
Statutory company audits, in compliance with the Clarified International Standards on Auditing (UK & Ireland), are performed by our experienced audit team. Our assessment and documentation of your Management Information Systems and Internal Controls puts us in the unique position to advise you on your financial and operational issues as a direct benefit of the audit work performed.
Voluntary Assurance Work
Opportunities arise where external scrutiny is required of your accounts for reasons other than for statutory compliance. External financers or silent partners may require some additional assurance that your financial statements are accurate and voluntary assurance assignments provide such additional comfort on the financial statements. These assignments are not as onerous as statutory audits and the precise procedures undertaken can be agreed in advance, reducing costs but maintaining value.
Charity & Other Specialist Assignments
Charity audit, independent examination and general advice are available from all our offices and are undertaken by the same qualified staff that form the audit team. Solicitors’ Accounts Rules audits, Clients’ Money Regulations audits for insurance intermediaries and NAEA Certificates for Estate Agents are all undertaken with professionalism and up to date specialised technical programmes.

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Lowestoft Office

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