Processing payroll can be a time-consuming administrative task for the small business and ensuring compliance with the ever complicated employment laws and regulations can take up valuable businesses resources that would be better employed elsewhere.
Real-time Information (RTI) will become mandatory for most businesses from April 2013. This will force at least monthly on-line reporting to HMRC to help them administer the new Universal Credit system. For many smaller businesses, used to preparing manual payroll records, this may be an unwelcome change. We would be happy to help you with this change and have taken part in trials with HMRC in 2012 ensuring that we are at the forefront of the change.
Outsourcing your payroll is a cost-effective way of ensuring compliance and allows you to use your time where it most effective – running your business.
Our payroll service offers the following:
  • Assistance with registering your payroll scheme;
  • Day to day administration, payroll processing and payslips;
  • Advising you of regular payments to HM Revenue & Customs;
  • Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf;
  • Calculating PAYE, NIC, Pension, CSA and other deductions;
  • Calculation of statutory and annual holiday pay;
  • Maternity and paternity pay and other statutory deductions;
  • P11d, P9d, P6d forms and submission to HM Revenue & Customs online;
  • P45 and P46 forms for employee changes; and
  • End of year return preparation and submission to HM Revenue & Customs online.

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